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A Guide to Choosing the Right Soft Case for Your Equipment

When it comes to protecting your valuable equipment, choosing the right soft case is essential. Custom soft cases are sewn cases made of soft materials such as vinyl, leather, canvas, polyester, nylon and more.

What is a Custom Made Equipment Case?

Custom made equipment cases are made to meet your equipment's exact dimensions and needs, ensuring optimal protection and usability.

AED Cases by Shell-Case: Engineered for Excellence in Emergencies

A well designed AED case takes some key criteria into consideration. Read to discover what every AED case must possess in order to maintain usefulness and reliability.

The Importance of OEM Packaging for Medical Devices

OEM Packaging for medical devices is an area of manufacturing that requires knowledge, capability and design. Learn all about this important area of design from Shell-Case.

Drop Test Standards: Shell-Case Goes Beyond the Basics to Ensure Ultimate Protection

In a world where technology and precision instruments play a pivotal role across industries, the integrity of carrying solutions cannot be underestimated.

EVA Cases: The Benefits of Using Thermoformed EVA

EVA cases offer a perfect blend of protection, lightweight design, and aesthetic appeal. EVA cases are Ideal for a wide range of applications, particularly in sensitive fields like medical equipment.

Custom Hard Cases: Choosing Materials for Medical Device Cases

For medical device manufacturing professionals, from product engineers to procurement and sourcing managers, choosing the right case isn't just about safeguarding equipment; it's about finding a solution that fits the bill perfectly.

Understanding Biocompatibility in Wearable Medical Devices

Biocompatibility is a crucial consideration in the manufacture of wearables for medical devices, as these items may come into direct contact with the patient skin. Meeting regulatory requirements and understanding testing guidelines are key to ensuring biocompatibility.

What is OEM? A Guide for Portable Medical Device Manufacturers

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEMs are companies that produce components or products that are used in another company’s end products.

Custom Carrying Cases: What a Custom Solution Really Means

Different people understand the concept of custom carrying cases differently. By pure definition, there are two actual degrees of customization.

Solving The Big Debate: Custom Carrying Cases VS. Off-the-Shelf

As a company that has developed its reputation out of creating custom carrying cases, it’s a bit strange writing a piece advocating for off-the-shelf.

Material Selection in Medical Carrying Case Manufacturing

A diverse range of competencies is required to develop suitable carrying solutions. A deep understanding of medical and industrial design is vitally important.knowledge of mechanical and materials engineering, ergonomics, medicine, manufacturing, and marketing are all necessary for designing cases for emergency medical professionals, clinicians and patients.

The 5 Costly Mistakes You Can Make When Developing a Medical Device Carrying Case

The ever-increasing sophistication of medical devices has created a greater need for collaboration between medical device manufacturers and their carrying case manufacturer.

Custom OEM Case Manufacturer

We manufacture protective carrying cases that are specifically designed for your products. Many options are available to our clients, meaning you can customize the color, shape, size, and material combination.

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