Custom Hard Cases: Choosing Materials for Medical Device Cases

Custom Hard Cases: Choosing Materials for Medical Device Cases

For medical device manufacturing professionals, from product engineers to procurement and sourcing managers, choosing the right case isn’t just about safeguarding equipment; it’s about finding a solution that fits the bill perfectly, when this is done, your case enhances the product function, showcases the brand, and of course, protects the device. When assessing what your casing needs are – start by understanding which option is the best fit for you, either an interior custom case or one of our fully customizable custom hard cases.

Your Options When Choosing from Custom Hard Cases

This approach blends the reliability of readily available cases with a touch of customization. You pick a suitable off-the-shelf case and then you have the opportunity to customize it with a precisely fitted foam insert. This insert is designed to cradle and protect your medical devices, as such, it ensures a secure fit during transport. It’s a practical choice that balances convenience and customization with a touch of exterior branding.

Option 1: Off-the-Shelf Case + Custom Foam Insert

Custom hard cases in a variety of sizes. Customizable as needed.

Option 2: A Fully Customized Case, Made from Scratch

For those seeking complete customization, a fully customized case is the way to go. It’s a case crafted to your unique specifications, from material selection to design and functionality. Every aspect is tailored to your needs. It’s a personalized solution that embodies the fusion of engineering expertise and practical design.

At Shell-Case, we offer a fresh perspective on custom hard cases without grandiose claims. We’ve been in the business for over 30 years, and while Pelican cases have been a longstanding industry standard, we bring innovative alternatives to the table. Even the most experienced project managers find our options refreshingly practical and suited to their specific needs.

As an engineer or sourcing professional in the medical device industry, selecting the right material for these cases can be a game-changer. Let’s delve into the myriad of options and unveil the ideal custom hard cases that meet our specific needs.

A Spectrum of Options for Custom Hard Cases

Custom hard cases can be fashioned from a diverse range of materials, each possessing unique properties that define their suitability. From high-end plastics to engineered metals and precise textiles, the choices are abundant. Our task is to carefully align the material with our intended functionality and durability requirements.

Waterproof Plastic Injected Cases:

These cases are manufactured using plastic injection molding techniques, resulting in a hard, heavy-duty enclosure that provides excellent protection against water and other elements.

Pros: Heavy-duty, waterproof, large stock variety of sizes.

Cons: They weigh a lot, they have a “military” look. They’re bulky. Limited branding options.

Thin Wall Plastic Cases (Non-Waterproof):

Thin wall plastic cases are lightweight cases designed for cost-effectiveness and convenience, although they may, as a result, offer less protective capability compared to other types.

Pros: Low cost, a large variety of stock sizes, they’re light in weight.

Cons: Fragile, poor protection properties, limited branding options.

Aluminum Cases:

These are hard cases crafted from aluminum which means they provide a balance of lightweight and stylish aesthetics. However, use of aluminum means they may be more susceptible to dents and damage.

Pros: they’re light in weight, wide range of size availability, stylish look.

Cons: May be easily deformed and damaged, limited branding options.

Vacuum Formed Cases:

Vacuum formed cases are made using a vacuum to shape plastic over a mold, as a result, they provide a lightweight option, however, it offers limited protection performance.

Pros: They’re light weight, they offer some limited protection performance.

Cons: Expensive, limited in size availability.

Blow Molded Cases:

These cases are created using blow molding techniques, as such, they offer an economical solution that’s also fully recyclable.

Pros: Low cost, fully recyclable.

Cons: Limited protection performance, moderate visual quality, fragile.

EVA Thermoformed Cases:

Made using Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA), these cases offer a lightweight, impact-resistant solution with more versatile branding options.

Pros: Light weight, impact-proof, versatile branding options.

Cons: Not water proof, they’re semi-rigid.

The Key to Excellence: Choosing the Right Custom Case Manufacturer

With Shell-Case As Your Partner: You’re Crafting Perfection with Material Mastery

In the highly specialized field of medical device manufacturing, choosing the right partner for custom hard cases is crucial. At Shell-Case, we are experts in the design and production of custom hard cases, crafted to meet the exacting requirements of medical devices. Our material options range from high-end plastics to specialized textiles. We employ cutting-edge production technologies, including pressure injection, double & over-molding injection, and vacuum forming, to ensure top-notch quality and functionality for each case we produce.

By collaborating with Shell-Case, you’re not merely receiving a protective case; you’re obtaining a tailored solution engineered to meet the unique specifications of your medical devices. We take great pride in comprehending the distinct needs of each project and delivering custom hard cases that exceed expectations, seamlessly blending durability with design.

Above all, opt for a partnership with Shell-Case to achieve more than just ordinary protection; secure custom hard cases that not only safeguard your medical equipment but also elevate your brand’s reputation. Contact us to learn what we can do for you. To see more examples of our work, visit our gallery.

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