High End Charging Carrying Case for Electronics

Home / Projects / Electronics Materials: EVA, aluminum, ABS Technologies: Thermoforming, Injection Molding the challenge Striking the right balance between protection, sleek appearance and an integrated charging system that needs to be visible to the user.  The case needed to adhere to advanced drop testing. The solution A flat design fashioned from diecast aluminum, injection […]

Lightweight Carrying Case for Daily Usage

Home / Projects / Medical Materials: EVA Technologies: Thermoforming the challenge Creating a portable case for a pregnancy monitoring wearable medical device. The solution We created a custom case that conforms to the folded state of the wearable.    We embedded special ventilation openings to overcome the humidity and prevent bad odours over time, and […]

Wearable Medical Belt for Daily Usage

Home / Projects / Medical Materials: Nylon, Neoprene Technologies: Advanced Bonding the challenge Hold and secure a medical device around patient’s leg. The belt should fit a large variety of leg sizes, be ergonomic and comfortable to wear. It also needs to maintain the device’s precise positioning while the user is under move. The solution […]

Side Bag Case for Daily Medical Device Usage

Home / Projects / Medical Materials: Polyester Technologies: Sewing, Injection Molding the challenge Creating a soft, user-friendly carry bag for a daily cancer treatment device. The solution We created a minimal bag to conform to the shape of the device.  We designed an injected plastic frame to secure a stable vertical position during charging.  The […]

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