Medical Device Backpack for Everyday Use

Medical Materials: Polyester Technologies: Sewing the challenge For any medical device that is used by a patient 24/7, one of the biggest challenges is to prevent overheating. We needed to create a carrying bag that first and foremost addressed this, but also needed to be stylish and discreet as not to attract too much attention […]

Carrying Case for Portable US

Medical Materials: Reinforced Textile Technologies: Sewing the challenge Creating a grab-and-go carrying case for a portable ultrasound device that has enough room for accessories, is lightweight enough to carry around and provides effortless access. The solution We created a unique honeycomb construction from lightweight fabric that provides ultimate padding.  The bag maintains its shape and […]

Heavy loads back carrier system (HWB)

the challenge Most of the Carrying Systems currently in the market aren’t designed properly. Uneven weight distribution when carrying heavy tactial equipment, can lead to fatigue, discomfort, and even long-term injuries. The solution Crafted with a lightweight aluminum frame and rugged, tactical textiles, the HWB carrier system offers unparalleled comfort and support for tackling even […]

Sewed Case for Medical Equipment

Medical Materials: Nylon Technologies: Sewing the challenge A custom solution for a portable orthopedic device that needs to be easily shipped. The solution We developed a reinforced sewn bag to conform to the shape and size of the device. The bag was designed to minimize storage volume and shipping costs. Gallery Back to Projects Gallery

Folding Pouch for Portable US

Medical Materials: Nylon, TPU Technologies: Sewing the challenge  The ultrasound device is not only extremely delicate, it comes together with probes and gel. This requires a custom carrying case that is cleverly organised and easily sterilised. It also needs to be user friendly for the technicians who operate it constantly day in and day out. […]

Side Bag Case for Daily Medical Device Usage

Medical Materials: Polyester Technologies: Sewing, Injection Molding the challenge Creating a soft, user-friendly carry bag for a daily cancer treatment device. The solution We created a minimal bag to conform to the shape of the device.  We designed an injected plastic frame to secure a stable vertical position during charging.  The bag includes multi-carrying options […]

Technician Carrying Case for Measuring Device

Hardware & Measuring Materials: Polyester Technologies: Sewing the challenge Create a portable kit for a variety of testing and measuring instruments. The solution An elegant messenger type soft bag with a top flap that allows easy access to a variety of content. Inner dividers organize the instruments, providing allocated slots for each. Magnets secure the […]

Technician Backpack for Measuring Device

Hardware & Measuring Materials: Poyester Technologies: Sewing the challenge Creating a portable backpack for delicate measurement equipment. The solution The custom backpack design provides the most convenient solution for carrying the measurement device around in multiple environments. Equipped with padded straps for either over-the-shoulder or sling-style carrying. Padded gear compartments reduce impact and minimize shock. […]

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