OEM Custom carrying cases for all INDUSTRIES


With nearly two decades of experience creating best-in-class carrying cases for the medical industry, we now bring our expertise and craftsmanship to bear on a range of industries.

Every industry is an entire universe — and we are explorers — learning what it means to succeed and thrive no matter the environment. We build carrying cases to suit every industry’s needs, designing cases that go the full distance and become, beyond simple protection, an integral part of your device. 


From protection to performance, from regulation to live-saving scenarios, medical devices present numerous challenges that need to be taken into account when creating a carrying case


Consumer electronics is a field in constant evolution. Products are becoming smarter, with an emphasis on user experience, but also more delicate and complex, and the carrying case often becoming an extension of the product itself.


With traditional sponge case interiors creating particles of dust upon their natural disintegration, there is a real risk of harm to sensitive optical devices. This requires a different type of technology to create carrying cases that can provide a sterile, 100% dust-free environment.


Measuring device manufacturers rightfully create their brand and reputation on utmost accuracy. A custom carrying case is not only the first line of defence; it is the first touchpoint with the customer, and as a result it is the brand’s first and lasting impression.

Sales & Demo

Whether presenting to a prospective client, there is nothing more important than first impressions. A custom carrying case not only makes your product look more professional, it makes you look more professional — It is a reflection of your brand in the deepest sense of the meaning.

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