Electronic device carrying cases

innovation meets mastery

Consumer electronics are a part of our daily lives, playing instrumental roles in everything we do; from entertainment to creativity to travel. The devices in our hands and our pockets are smarter and more vital than ever before. 

Their carrying cases are too. Creating electronic device carrying cases that protect and enhance the device’s delivery is no longer optional – it’s essential. We offer more than just protection: we facilitate innovation and function that enhances your customer’s product experience. 


Electronics live in their cases. These delicate instruments need durability to survive use, so carrying cases are no longer an afterthought and are more like the main event. 

From signal display to port access: your carrying case needs brand and function displays that enhance use while showcasing your design, without compromise.

A custom carrying case is your first touchpoint with your customer, make sure your brand leaves a first, and lasting impression. 

Early stage design

With so many delicate sensors and advanced components, the carrying case in which these products live requires a more thoughtful and integrated design and engineering approach.

Integrating the custom case process at the earliest stage of product development is vital for ensuring functionality and optimal user experience.

Off the shelf


The Hybrid Series provides a practical, versatile and economical solution for a wide range of medical devices. 


With interchangeable modular dividers, pre-cut foam, or custom foam inserts the Hybrid is an ultra-light heavy duty professional carrying case

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