Hardware & Measurement Carrying Cases

Accuracy in action

Precision measurement requires best-in-class sensors to deliver the highest degree of accuracy. Carrying cases for measurement tools must protect against even the most subtle vibratory impact while making sure to be lightweight and durable.

Only manufacturers of hardware & measurement carrying cases who possess advanced knowledge in materials and technologies can create the kinds of cases that protect these delicate devices. 

fit to protect

Measuring devices need to function within an ecosystem of accessories, as such, the carrying case must go beyond the basics to facilitate ease of item storage, protection and  smooth access to the measuring device as well as an array of chargers, connector cables and battery packs.

Detailed planning ensures each item is stored properly and securely.

Easy to carry

Easy carrying is critical for effective field work. Many of these devices are constantly on the move and used in a variety of working environments.  

Lightweight durability and ergonomic design allow comfortable carrying and ease of device use.

Off the shelf


The Hybrid Series provides a practical, versatile and economical solution for a wide range of medical devices. 


With interchangeable modular dividers, pre-cut foam, or custom foam inserts the Hybrid is an ultra-light heavy duty professional carrying case

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