medical device carrying cases

unsurpassed quality

When it comes to medical devices, the carrying case is as crucial as the device itself. Every feature, pocket and zipper of a medical device carrying case needs to be designed to facilitate ease-of-use and optimal performance, often in high-pressure emergency environments. 

To ensure flawless functionality and protection, the medical device case needs to be lightweight yet durable, protecting the device and shielding it from external impact, while preserving accessibility.

brand power

In medical care, function far outweighs form, but that doesn’t mean your brand should be sacrificed. Our medical device carrying cases are the skin of your device, and your brand is a key element of their presence, if not their power. 

Using a range of technologies and materials, Shell-Case offers a wide array of branding options to convey innovation, sophistication, and credibility. 

Standards & Regulations

Shell-Case adheres to the highest international standards and processes. In fact, serving the world’s largest medical device manufacturers, we’ve developed a habit of going above and beyond: often exceeding industry standards.

When it comes to medical devices and wearables, adherence to the strictest regulatory requirements and standards is critical. We always meet ISO 13485 standards when needed.

Selected medical carrying cases


Off the shelf


The Hybrid Series provides a practical, versatile and economical solution for a wide range of medical devices. 


With interchangeable modular dividers, pre-cut foam, or custom foam inserts the Hybrid is an ultra-light heavy duty professional carrying case

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