optical device carrying cases

seeing the big picture

Innovation has swept the optical device industry; from lasers to crystals, optical devices are more sophisticated – and more delicate – than ever before. 

Protecting these products from the full range of dangers: from large vibrations to tiny specs of dust, is crucial to maintaining their optimal performance.

The right optical device carrying case will be designed to the specific parameters of these devices so that they fit snugly, are easily accessible and yet durable for travel. 

Dust-free thermoforming

Foam inserts are not an option for delicate optical devices. As foam, and other interiors disintegrate they can create damaging particles. Shell-Case uses thermoforming – a dust-free material process that will never disintegrate and threaten your product.

Dust-free thermoforming for interior compartments keeps your product safe.

brand power

Optical devices rely on their reputation of excellence for consumer confidence. A well-branded optical device carrying case signals trust in the capabilities of the product nestled within.  

Set the stage for your optical device with a first impression that promotes confidence and security. 

Off the shelf


The Hybrid Series provides a practical, versatile and economical solution for a wide range of medical devices. 


With interchangeable modular dividers, pre-cut foam, or custom foam inserts the Hybrid is an ultra-light heavy duty professional carrying case

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