sales and demo carrying cases

First impressions matter

As a sales & demo professional, you know that it’s all about the first impression. Before your device is out of the bag, they’re looking at your carrying case. It’s quality is a reflection on your professionalism, your brand, and on the value of what you offer. 

You need a sales and demo carrying case that showcases your demo at its best. Something sleek, something that looks like success. It needs to be lightweight and highly durable too. Trust our expertise, with the right carrying case, your product sells itself.

Endless applications

Custom carrying cases demand a thoughtful and nuanced design approach. No matter the industry — no matter the demo product: we partner with you to develop a carrying case that showcases your excellence.

From day one we’re building with your finished product’s needs in mind. Bring us in early for seamless and intuitive design.  

Brand power

We have numerous methods that will enhance your brand visibility and perception that extends well beyond simply adding your logo label to the case.

Showcase your brand however you’d like: by putting your mark on zipper pulls and zippers, using embossed logos, custom colors, labels and more. 

Off the shelf


The Hybrid Series provides a practical, versatile and economical solution for a wide range of medical devices. 


With interchangeable modular dividers, pre-cut foam, or custom foam inserts the Hybrid is an ultra-light heavy duty professional carrying case

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