Custom carrying cases

Innovative Products Require Visionary Solutions.

custom carrying cases

Custom Carrying Cases are the Haute Couture of Carrying Case Engineering. They’re the perfect design — tailored to the perfect fit. 

There is no replacement for custom design. It’s a journey that begins and ends with understanding and building around your exact needs, your exact specifications, and your exact vision. 

With Shell-Case custom carrying cases, no detail is too small; every stitch, embossment, compartment, and enclosure is sketched, designed, and manufactured to your needs using the materials and technologies you choose.

Your imagination is the only limit.

Our Custom Carrying Cases fit your product like a glove

When function and form come together well, they produce a seamless experience, an integration of use and experience. 

Custom carrying cases are for devices whose delivery must shine — protected yet unobstructed, so that the case enhances the experience of using the device.

Custom Carrying Case - Corpuls AED

Elevate your brand with Custom Carrying Cases

Imagine a case so well-crafted it becomes memorable. We’ve all seen iconic design, and we all know the brands they represent. 

Custom branding options make much more than just a first impression, they make a lasting impression. 

Shell-Case offers a wide range of bespoke branding opportunities for custom designs.

standards & regulations

The world’s leading medical manufacturers trust us because they know we hold the highest industry standards. 

We are one of only a few global custom carrying case companies with an ISO13485 standard.

We also offer a wide range of materials that operate in accordance with REACH, ROHS, CAL65, and Biocompatability Standards. 

Decades of experience means you can trust our materials recommendations to be within compliance. We won’t steer you wrong. 

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