custom wearable devices

Casing the next generation of wearable medical devices

Wearable solutions

As wearable medical devices continue to evolve and play a bigger role in healthcare, they are not only rapidly becoming more technologically advanced; they are also meeting a more discerning end-user.

To ensure the highest level of seamlessness, you literally need to put yourself in the user’s skin.

form follows function

Manufacturers are increasingly adopting a consumer-centric approach towards the design and engineering of wearable medical devices, making them lighter, more comfortable, and more resilient.

Whether the wearable market is geared toward data collection or for long-term therapeutics, the custom wearable device’s case needs to seamlessly fit into the end-user’s daily routine.

design thinking

A medical implant reader is not something you want to wear on your leg all day. Our challenge was to make you not think of it at all.

That’s why we created a custom medical-grade elastic fabric that is comfortable to wear yet tough enough to withstand multiple use cycles, without giving an inch on performance and accuracy.

Small enough for daily life, but big enough to hold an antenna transmitter and fit on any leg.

Our Design Philosophy


Blend seamlessly into daily lifestyle, and ensure the device is adjustable for different body types.


Maintain the strictest standards of durability and reliability to function in a wide range of environments and conditions.


Adhere to high environmental standards when it comes to selection of materials and fabrics that come in contact with the skin.


Comply with a wide range of stringent industry regulations, especially if used in clinical settings or as part of treatment protocols.

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