Off-the-shelf custom foam cases

Meet the Semi-Custom Hybrid 300 Series

A perfect balance between

form & function;
elegance & toughness;
feel & flexibility.

With the Hybrid 300 Series, Shell-Case taps into its innovative custom design and engineering DNA to transform the world of off-the-shelf, semi-customized cases.

Hybrid 300 are super lightweight and durable cases that challenge and defy the industry, proving you don’t need to be bulky and rugged to be tough.

With a unique textile feel and semi-rigid shell, words just don’t do it justice.

LIghtweight & STYLISH

Shell-Case Hybrid 300™ is a lightweight,  protective & stylish carrying solution, offering advanced design & supreme quality.
  1. Heavy-duty textile with water repellent coating
  2. Shock absorbing foam structure
  3. polyamide fabric designed for modular interior configuration 
  • Easy customization 
  • Easy branding 

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