EMS Medical Gear Backpack


EMS Medical Gear Backpack

Materials: Polycarbonate

Technologies: Vacuum Forming, Sewing

the challenge

EMS first responders need quick and easy access to their life-saving medical equipment when reaching the scene. But they also need a carrying case that is lightweight enough to carry around yet durable enough to protect the sensitive equipment within.


Main requirements:

  • Lightweight and wearable.
  • Optimal protection for sensitive medical devices.
  • Fast opening with easy access.
  • Materials that are easily cleaned and sterilized.
  • Visible exterior battery status and condition.


The solution

A lightweight EMS medical gear backpack built from a vacuum-formed polycarbonate shell that provides superior protection. 

The injected molded plastic components provide external visibility for the battery status indicator, an external charging option as well as snug internal storage.

Both interior and exterior materials are easy to clean and conform to the strictest sanitary and health regulations.


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