Custom Carrying Case for recording device

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Custom Carrying Case for recording device

Materials: EVA

Technologies: Thermoforming

the challenge

The beautiful semi-custom carrying case has a unique design to fit inside all the accessories that are needed to make a good sale. 

Both external toughness and interior protection are necessary parts of carrying case design. 

However, it is equally as important to be able to access the gear inside easily for rapid use when needed.

The solution

This polished carry case is crafted from semi-rigid EVA shells shaped through the thermoforming process.

Customers can have their unique logo embossed on the surface in order to promote their brand identity successfully. 

Optimization also includes customized zipper pulls and a metallic logo plate on the front.

The S&D carrying case itself comes with a rigid organization tray and three fabric pouches for delicate accessories.


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