Custom Carrying Cases: What a Custom Solution Really Means

Custom Carrying Cases: What a Custom Solution Really Means

Different people understand the concept of custom carrying cases differently. By pure definition, there are two actual degrees of customization. The first one takes an existing, off-the-shelf case and makes minor modifications (Shell-Case offers several lines for this called our Hybrid lines). The second starts from scratch and takes an in-depth look at the customer and product’s unique needs and exact specifications, and tailors just the right bespoke solution.

In this post, we will focus on the latter option, as it is what we specialize in, and what has won us numerous awards over the years.

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A Custom Carrying Case is Your Device’s Second Skin

A custom case is not just something you use to carry your valuable equipment around. It can play an integral role in your product’s function. The right custom case solution can enhance a user’s experience, offer durable protection, preserve or even extend product functionality, and mitigate the impact of frequent use. Of course, a custom case maker will also provide you with plenty of options for showcasing your business’s brand and other finishing options. 

A custom design process will help you understand the range of materials and technologies you can use to meet your design requirements. Customization options include a wide range of choices for materials, sizes, inner & external design options, and performance features (such as shock absorption or other protections for your sensitive equipment). There is also a wide range of internal organization options, such as climate control, and more. With deep industry know-how and a commitment to quality, your imagination is the limit.

A Case is Never Just a Case

A custom carrying case manufacturer knows that your custom case project is not “just a case”. The right product will serve a range of application specifications and must also live up to its quality promise.

A case needs to travel well, provide assurance against impact, open easily and secure easily, and create a smooth user experience, as well as convey your brand values in small and large ways (from logo embossment to zipper and accessory customization, there are many ways to do this).

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Custom Cases are Built by Anticipating Your Needs

A custom manufacturer begins by examining your exact needs and specification; and then by understanding how your device and case will be used in real-life scenarios.

The project takes shape around understanding your requirements in myriad ways. For example, your custom case could add handles or external windows for an increase in ease of product use. Elements to allow for external charging can be worked in, or the product can be made of materials that provide enhanced rugged protection there are a wide selection of options available.  

Get Cases that Meet Your Budget 

A custom process also provides greater control of the budget, primarily in terms of long-term control over pricing. The customer is always in control and can define the must-haves and nice-to-haves until they find the sweet spot between the final product and cost – assuring affordable quality the whole time. In terms of unit economics, custom cases are usually also more affordable for larger runs.

Get Cases Meet Your Industry’s Standards (No Matter How High)

For highly specialized industries, such as medical, optical, and measurement, devices often need to adhere to strict standards and regulations. This means that the carrying case manufacturer needs industry-wide domain expertise. A great manufacturer will guide the client through their regulatory landscape, saving them money and time on production. 

If you’re considering custom carrying cases, it’s valuable to understand the many options available to you — as well as think about the elements of your experience you want to prioritize.

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